Omokoroa Kiwi Holiday Park

Omokoroa, Bay of Plenty


You’ve discovered Omokoroa……you’re one of the lucky ones!  Originally habituated by Maori who used the point of the peninsula for collecting food and fortification, then farmed by early settlers, the peninsula has now grown into a friendly coastal settlement.

There is so much to do in Omokoroa and surrounding area!  Ask us about what events are happening in the Bay of Plenty while you’re here, there is always something happening in the Bay!

Did you know?

The Maori name Omokoroa means place of the small white grub, otherwise known as the “Huhu grub”.  The Huhu grub is a Maori delicacy found in bush undergrowth. Maori were know to travel long distances from the Waikato region and beyond for this delicacy.

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